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If my business was a television series, Klara Loots Creative Marketing would be a spin-off of Lotus Media, a company I co-founded in 2011. In 2017 I decided that the time had come to rebrand, refresh, and reinvent my business, and so Klara Loots Creative Marketing was born!

Like most of us, I wear many hats, and I wear them all with pride. A mother, a wife, a daughter, a creative, and an entrepreneur. I run my business as I do every aspect of my life - with integrity, passion, authenticity, and a touch of quirkiness. Professionalism is paramount in maintaining business relationships, and having fun while you do business is essential for one's sanity. 

Sharing my talents and skills with you allows me to fulfill my greatest passion, which is helping people. I want you to succeed as much as I want my own business to succeed. Your business becomes my business, your project becomes my project, and I revel in your success and happiness!

Let's connect and make beautiful things, share important messages, and take the world by storm - As Paulo Coehlo stated, "You are who you believe yourself to be..." and I am here to help you show the world just who that is. 

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