Colour Combinations for Design & Branding

One of my favourite things to do is to browse colour combinations and get inspiration for my branding, and for my client's brand designs. What strikes me the most every time is the unbelievable amount of combinations available...the options really are endless!

A bad colour combination (like the infamous primary blue and primary red combo) can distract your audience from the message/product/service you are trying to convey or advertise. A successful colour combination can add so much value to your designs and to your brand as a whole. It really can make or break a design, whether it's a poster design, a social media image, or simply a letterhead.

Getting it wrong can be detrimental, but getting it right can be exciting and so very rewarding!

In this blog I explored bold, romantic, and some very bright colour combinations of my own. It was such a fun and creative challenge to explore colours in this way, and I was amazed to see how certain (seemingly contrasting colours) actually fit so well together.

6 (unexpected, yet gorgeous) colour combinations:

All photographs were found on Unsplash - see the photographers below, and click on their names to view the original photographs:



Olia Gozha

Maarten Deckers

Mink Mingle

Edgar Castrejon

If you feel inspired to use any of these colour combinations in your next design project, feel free to tag me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook - I'd love to see what you created!

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