Design and Entrepreneurship Events Spring/Summer 2018

The second half of 2018 is full of opportunities to network and grow, with events and conferences happening worldwide. Wondering why you should drag yourself out to a conference? Here are a few reasons to consider:

  • Attending events that cater to your skill can reignite your passion and give you a much needed mid-year energy boost.

  • In a creative career keeping on top of current trends is paramount in remaining flexible and competitive in your field.

  • Regarding networking, this is the era of collaboration, but it can be hard to meet people who share your interests. Coming out to events like these could lead to making a friend or two who could change your career path forever.

  • Attending conferences and events will inspire you to learn more about your profession, and could give you a few tips that could help you cut down your workload.

  • Even if a seminar doesn’t completely fill your head with wonderful new ideas, it’s impossible to come away without having gained something.

Events 2018

Social Media Conference

Cape Town

5 September

This day-long crash course in social media marketing and content creation aims to give entrepreneurs the tools they need to better connect and engage with their audience. Discussing everything from monitoring your following to practical tips in using video and graphics on various platforms, even if you already think you know your stuff, there could be a lot to learn.

UX & Digital Design Week


13-17 August

A week of mapping and exploring London’s latest trends and getting insider info on how to develop a team of like minded designers and entrepreneurs. Although it’s a bit more on the expensive side, it’s likely to be a game changer for those who can attend.

Design Thinking for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


28 July

This one day workshop takes the form of a four hour practical design challenge - the challenge being how to improve the experience of buying a cup of coffee. You’ll be placed in a team and guided step by step as you get your brain into problem-solving gear.

Design Film Festival


20-22 & 27-29th October

The first film festival in Asia to be solely focused on Design. An event curated by Anonymous design studio, they’ve managed to pull together a fine collection of films that inspire designers to investigate alternative and niche aesthetics.

Business, Design & Technology Conference

New York

18 October

A day of speakers, panels and networking discussing the role of entrepreneurship, design and tech in today’s economy. Hosted by SMPLCT Lab at the Centre for Social Innovation, the conference hopes to be an enlightening experience for the city’s entrepreneurs.

For more information on upcoming events click here and here.

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