Entrepreneur Series: Interview with Joy-Anne Bromilow of FaithJuice

Photo Credit: Jon-Erik Munro - http://www.jon-erikmunro.com/

In 2015 Joy-Anne, already a successful blogger, copywriter, social media manager and mother to a then teenage son, decided to quit her job and start up her own business creating and delivering personal, flexible Juice Cleanse programs from her kitchen.

3 years on and she’s running her business from a small but picturesque wendy-house at the Noordhoek Farm Village, nestled at the base of Chapman's Peak in Cape Town, South Africa. Customers come from all over the Southern Suburbs to sit in the peaceful garden surrounded by herbs and leafy greens while enjoying a fresh juice, smoothie, or maybe even a vegan hot chocolate or velvety beetroot latte…

Raphael Blue: Describe your morning ritual - how do you get yourself into gear?

Joy Bromilow: I start the day with tea in bed with my partner and our 3 cats, then head to FaithJuice and open up, pack out the day's cleanses ready for clients to collect, and grab a coffee from The Village Roast across from the juice bar.

RB: Where did your curiosity with regards to juicing begin?

JB: In 2012 I saw Jason Vale's (the U.K's "Juice Master" ) 7 Day Juice Diet whereby people from around the world signed up to all drink nothing but juice for 7 days. I'd been doing my own kind of 'detox' in previous years but loved the idea of just juice and the support of a global community. That was the first time I experienced the benefits of juicing and I was hooked. It was in 2015 when I was looking for a new way to earn a living that it occurred to me I could help other people in our Valley by providing a Juice Cleanse Programme.

RB: What strengths aided you in the process of starting your own business and where are you still growing?

JB: I had years of experience doing social media for other people, and I get to use these skills to market my own business now. I also had experience in the hospitality industry so working with people is something that comes easily to me. My creativity, problem solving abilities and the desire to help people with integrity, and not just to make money, have all stood me in good stead. However, I'm still learning to be a boss, not a friend or parent, to my young staff.

RB: What are the most satisfying aspects of running a small business?

JB: Creating new recipes, researching and discovering what natural ingredients can assist the body maintain good health, and positive feedback from happy and grateful customers all make me happy.

RB: What's your current guilty pleasure song/food?

JB: Coconut condensed milk. And Ed Sheeran / Andrea Bocelli Perfect Symphony gives me goosebumps which is awkward.

RB: Do you have any advice for women (or men) who are considering leaving their 9-5 and starting a business, after already having been successful in other fields?

JB: Be prepared to work harder than you would ever do for a boss, for a lower income initially and no benefits, paid leave or sick days! And to change your lifestyle (if you don't have other financial support). Eating out used to be a regular occurrence - now it's a rarity. Make time every day to rest and re-calibrate - I do this by reading, painting and yoga.

"Keep excited about your business by staying up to date with the latest trends in your field, by innovating, and by always looking for ways to grow." - Joy-Anne Bromilow

Photo Credit: Jon-Erik Munro - http://www.jon-erikmunro.com/

Find FaithJuice online at www.faithjuice.co.za

You can follow FaithJuice on Facebook and on Instagram @faithjuice or pop in at the Noordhoek Farm Village.

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