Make Connections. Grow Your Business.

You've created your corporate identity. You have a beautiful new logo, letterhead, email signature and business cards. What's next? How do you get your business out there and make the valuable connections you need in order to grow your brand and business?

Here are 3 ways you can get yourself out there:

1. Social Media

Don't be overwhelmed by the variety of social media platforms that exist - think about where your target audience is and go with those. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a good place to start. The most important thing to remember when sharing content on these platforms is relevance, consistency and frequency - post relevant content often and post at least once a day day.

Facebook is the ideal place to connect with customers and for them to connect with you directly.

Twitter is an effective platform for connecting with other like-minded people and companies as well as a great source of relevant information for you to share.

Instagram is all about images and short videos - capture what you do in a unique way and share it with your followers.

Be consistent with your tone, message, and voice across all these platforms and be sure to add your logo/website url with any original content/images you share - if people share your content they should be sharing your brand too.

2. Blogs

Whatever your business is, whatever it is that you offer, there is ALWAYS something to write about. Publishing blogs on your website and then sharing them on your social media platforms improves your SEO rankings, and increases your business's exposure.

3. Host Events/Workshops

Organising an event or a workshop is a wonderful way to connect with others. If you feel you can't host one by yourself, collaborate with someone in a similar or complimentary industry. You could create a networking event for anyone wanting to connect with others in their industry OR maybe you have a skill you'd like to share through a workshop?

These 3 marketing tools are a perfect place to start. It's easy to want to try EVERYTHING when you first get started, but rather do a few things well than trying to do everything. Take it one day at a time, and enjoy experimenting with the various ways your business can effectively connect with the world.

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