The Gifts 2017 Gave Me

As any year comes to an end, there's an almost automatic need to reflect, process, and examine the year that was. My natural urge is to think what I could do differently or uncover the lessons I learnt. This year, however, I want to look at it differently.

I want to examine without guilt.

I want to process without regrets.

I want to reflect without judgement.

I want to see what gifts 2017 gave me.


As a mostly introspective observer, connections are not something I go out in search of. This year gifted me the motivation to be more open, more approachable, and more sociable. It's one thing to connect and quite another to connect with authenticity and depth. I treasure the real connections that I made, sustained, and nurtured this year.


It took 18 months after my son was born before I had some time to myself again. From the beginning of this year, I was gifted some time. Time for myself, time for my business, and sometimes time to do absolutely nothing!


In October this year I decided to take part in #Inktober as a challenge to sketch something every day. It forced me to make creativity a priority again. It forced me to step back from technology as a daily escape and rather focus on creativity. I have held onto that daily practice and still make time for illustrating every day.


Oh what magical conversations I have had this year! Some that have challenged me, some that have inspired me, and some that have forever changed me. There are a handful of conversations that come to mind where I felt my soul glowing, my mindset changing, or my perceptions being altered. I cherish these conversations and the people who I shared them with.

Making this list makes facing 2018 a little less daunting and a little more exciting. It is now less about doing better, but more about just continuing as I am.

One connection at a time.

One moment at a time.

One creative escape at a time.

One conversation at a time.

What did 2017 give to you?

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