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October 18, 2017


Aah, textures. What would design be without them? What would the world be without textures? I love experimenting with different lines and shapes, and I get especially excited if a project calls for me to get creative with textures too!


A canva.com article recently stated that "texture is generally only a visual thing, but it creates a physical illusion and it continues to play a leading role in the creation of all types of visual elements." This inspired me! How could I use texture to convey different meanings, ideas, and themes in my work?


Often an intriguing design element, such as a texture, can be the difference between a good design and an incredible one. A texture doesn't have to be overpowering either, it can be a hint of a leaf peering around a corner or a very opaque dot-effect within a border - using textures is not about being bold, it's more about being creative, and putting your unique stamp on it. 


My top 5 favourite textures are:


1. Flowers

2. Paper

3. Leaves

4. Fabric

5. Paint Swirls


Here are some stunning examples of effective use of textures in graphic design work:



Images From Pinterest:

1. http://ow.ly/nrXb30fXLB5 2. http://ow.ly/BZhX30fXLG7 3. http://ow.ly/6RqE30fXLIq 4. http://ow.ly/n8rC30fXLLH 5. http://ow.ly/jdsQ30fXLNU 6. http://ow.ly/BzHs30fXLPC





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June 29, 2018

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