Share your story. Share your passion.

I often get so caught up in reading other people's stories that I very rarely think of my own. I read an article on - The World-Changing Power of Sharing Your Story - and it got me asking myself what my story was, and what would this story tell the world. Who am I and what contributed (and continues to contribute) to me being me?

If I read someone else's success story or life story I finish reading it feeling inspired, motivated, sometimes competitive, sometimes jealous, but mostly energised. I am energised because someone shared something real with me. I'm energised because someone else's truth shined a light on what my truth is and how important it is to share that with the world. What affect can my story have on the world?

Your story, however long or short, dramatic or simple, well-told or blurted-out, is part of who you are. It's what makes your business what it is. It is the foundation of everything you do and as your life goes on your story grows and progresses, and your voice and identity changes, and all of this comes through in what you are doing right now.

What a wonderful world we could create if everyone shared their passion. What a wonderful world we could create if everyone shared their stories and their experiences. I will be sharing my story soon (watch this space as attentively as you would look out for the next Harry Potter movie).

What is your story, and how will you share it with the world?

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