Just start...

When starting anything we tend to get caught up in the when, how and what. When should I begin? What should I do? How do I actually do this? It's overwhelming and ironically hinders our productivity. Getting caught up in the logistics of starting kills any spontaneity or creativity - but what is the alternative?

As a fan of list-making, stepping out of this routine is difficult. I want to plan. I want to know what comes next. I want to be in control of EVERYTHING. Alas, I have learned, that it is only when you let go that you end up achieving what you set out to do. It is only when you stop overthinking every step you take, that you find yourself running towards your dreams.


Let go of the voice that doubts everything you do. Just start.

Let go of the doubts that say you can't do this. Just start.

Let go of comparing yourself to what others are doing. Just start.

Let go of the fear of failing and embarrassing yourself. Just start.

Let go of what you feel you should be doing.


Take one step. It can be a simple step. Write that email. Look for that photograph. Talk to that friend or colleague. The more you practice DOING instead of THINKING the more habitual this process becomes. There is always a place for to-do lists (take mine away and I'm just a fumbling fool with a cold cup of coffee), but remember to take action too.

Your success is on the other side of actions. Just start.

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